Internship at NA-KD

Kickstart your future with an internship



A NA-KD internship is an investment in your future. And in ours. We believe in getting young talent prepared for their journey through hands-on internships. To show how a business works and how you can apply your knowledge in a real context. Because that is when the magic happens.

So who are we looking for? You are doing an internship as part of your education or connected to your studies. You have a positive attitude, strong work ethic and are not afraid to try new things. You are here to learn after all.

In return, we will give your practical skills that complement your theoretical knowhow. You will become an essential part of our team and take responsibility from day one. Forget getting coffees – we know your worth. You will get to test your abilities and push yourself in a group of supporting friends. You will have fun. Most importantly, you will grow. And if we’re lucky, you will stay on. As many of our interns do.


The Internship Journey


Before your start, you will get info about NA-KD, get a sneak peek behind the scenes and all the info you need to have a great first day.

First Day

First day is always a bit nerve-racking, but exciting. You will learn a lot of new names, new info and get a baring of the place.

Your time at NA-KD

For you to learn as much as possible, we will treat you like an employee. You will get responsibilities, real work tasks and support from a great mentor.

Last Day

Time flies at NA-KD. With a new set of skills and knowledge about how things work in real life, you are prepared to continue your journey to the top.


Many of our interns continue their journeys at NA-KD. Some straight after the internship ends, others later on. And if you don’t, we are excited to see where your journey takes you.

Interns Experience

I loved my time as an intern at NA-KD. Not only because I learned and developed extremely much but also because I made the journey together with absolutely amazing people

HR-Intern 2020

I got a lot of responsibilities and loved that the team and my supervisor believed in me!

Online Merchandise Intern

I got great support from my supervisor and felt like I was a part of the team! I was also given a lot of feedback which I really appreciated

Purchasing Intern

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